Absolutely Terrific Service!!

Here’s a story to share; Similar to a few other folks heading for Spa next week – I too have … Readmore

"Ex-HHC and top bloke. Very friendly and helpful"

Steve at SD Autotec looked after my Tuscan 2S when I owned it and my V8S before that. Ex-HHC and … Readmore

Sprint Magazine Article

The new year started with the usual “Pre season fun”. First was a major refurb on a Chim with Steve … Readmore

"Quality is second to none"

Steve is a great bloke and the quality is second to none. CHIMV8 – Piston Heads Website

"Very pleased"

Bob, Give me a call and I have info on SD Autotec you might like and you can have a … Readmore

"I've known and been able to trust him since I bought my first TVR in 1996"

Thanks for the wide variety of advice; all received gratefully. Conclusion is to spend £1800 + VAT and go for … Readmore