TVR Sprint Magazine – March 2018 Issue 507

TVR Sprint Magazine – March 2018 Issue 507


Reflections on the TVR 3000M #2

The Revenge

Excerpts from article:

“….The car still refused to start, and then things got even worse as on turning the key once more, this time there was a deathly silence, not even a click. I tried the ignition on numerous occasions over the next few days, but the lack of response still remained, and with the Cobweb Run Looming, a desperate call of assistance was made to Steve Darvill at SD Autotec. Steve rang me as soon as he was free and said he would be with me shortly.”

“….on looking at the car (Steve) thought that the starter solenoid might have been the culprit by causing an intermittent fault. This was changed and it has to be said that most engine starts since have been completed without a problem.”

“On a visit to a race meeting at croft circuit, I managed to get there and back without incident, but when the car was started up on the driveway prior to putting it in the garage, a mass of white coolant vapour pouring out of the exhausts indicated that the head gaskets had failed.”

“I was assured by someone in the tees valley region that summer was Steve Darvills “quiet time”. If this is actually true I dread to think what his busy time is like, as during a phone call the following day I discovered that he was inundated with work, with eight TVRs at his premises requiring attention.”

“The work was eventually completed to Steves high standards.”

“On a local trip I was only half a mile from home when I again noticed a plume of smoke behind the car, this time with a distinct tinge of blue in it, and a quick glance at the oil pressure gauge showed that it was already reading zero. Once again the car was transported to Steve Darvills workshop, but a phone call from Steve less than four hours later confirmed the car was fully serviceable again. Thankfully it turned out that my initial thoughts of terminal engine failure were wide of the mark, as it transpired that the problem was caused by an oil capillary tube that had become detached.”

“….The car is now running perfectly again.”

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