Sprint Magazine Article

Sprint Magazine Article

The new year started with the usual “Pre season fun”. First was a major refurb on a Chim with Steve Darvill at SDAutotec, Boroughbridge. After the initial “hot running” issue, its been body off, chassis, suspension and an engine rebuild, all ready for the Cobweb Run on March 28th.
SPRINT Issue 459 – March 2014

I understand that Richard Gaunt has his TVR Tuscan back from SD Autotec. We hope you have sufficiently recovered from the bill richard and your excuse for not attending the CobWeb Run is accepted: “Taking the Tuscan to Tuscany”!
SPRINT Issue 460 – April 2014

Steve Darvill emptied his workshop by a customer collecting his newly refurbished Chim. The pics on the Tees Valley Region forum look really good and I know you are genuinely pleased with the quality of Steve’s work and his attention to detail.
SPRINT Issue 460 – April 2014

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